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‘When I First Heard Bizarre Ride’ : DJ Induce

A true underground classic, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is an album beloved by many. In honor of the 20th anniversary, Delicious Vinyl question various respected figures in the music industry and beyond about their experiences and feelings towards the Pharcyde…

This time we have Miami’s own crate-digging producer and DJ Induce talking to Delicious Vinyl about all things Pharcyde: songs he likes to play, the first time he heard them, and worldwide love for the band…

‘When I first heard –The Pharcyde– I was in…’?

My friend’s car, probably on the way to school. We were the only kids driving to school in like 8th grade because my friend was Brazilian and had been held back a couple of years. We would show up to middle school in a Land Cruiser bumping “4 Better or 4 Worse“, and I specifically remember our favorite nasty line which I will not repeat here.

Favorite Pharcyde song?

Pandemonium” from the Street Fighter Soundtrack. Well, maybe that’s second to the “Runnin’ (Jay Dee Remix)“. I first heard that remix on the University of Miami station when it came out. Needless to say I think it’s one of Jay Dee’s best and I could listen to it over and over ad nauseam.

Any particular Pharcyde song you like to include in your mixes or DJ sets?

That Jay Dee “Runnin'” Remix.          

Is there love for the Pharcyde in Miami?

The Pharcyde gets love all over the world…

Favourite ‘Ya Mama’ joke?

I only know a total of 2 jokes, but my favorite line from the song is: “Ya Mama got snakeskin teeth” – I love that shit!

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Words: Alice Price-Styles.