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When I First Heard Bizarre Ride : Mr Thing

A true underground classic, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is an album beloved by many. In honor of the 20th anniversary, Delicious Vinyl question various respected figures in the music industry and beyond about their experiences and feelings towards the Pharcyde…

Sounding out all the way from the UK we have the original Scratch Perverts member, London’s very own beloved DJ Mr Thing sharing his Pharcyde tastes and memories:

‘When I first heard –The Pharcyde– I was in…’?

When I first heard The Pharcyde I was in a Westwood jam in Vauxhall, just as “Ya Mama” came out. DJ Biznizz played it when he was opening up for him and I pretty much went and tracked it down as soon as I could!

Favourite Pharcyde song?

Hard for me to choose between “Runnin’‘” and “4 Better or 4 Worse”, I played both of those to death in my car at the time. “Runnin’” I put on a very early mix-tape I did and even copied the Run-DMC cuts on that mix, then “4 Better or 4 Worse” because it’s one of my favourite breaks ever (“Blind Alley”) with some absolutely brilliant Fender Rhodes on it. I swore it was a sample for the longest time, but was recently informed it was played! I love the whole vibe of both tunes, so it’s tough to call it…

Is there a Pharcyde song you like to scratch up? Ever used a Pharcyde song or skit in one of your routines??

Since the Visioneers did their cover of “Runnin’” I made up a scratch routine using the Run-DMC Rock Box cut and then blended in the original Pharcyde version into the chorus, it works really nicely. I’ve done it at the J Dilla tribute nights here a few times, plus I’ve got all the records on 45s too so been doing it in those sets as well!

Would you say there is love for The Pharcyde in London and the U.K.??

Most definitely. The records always get a good response in DJ sets, and I think most serious collectors here went a bit crazy for the 7″ box-set that came out for Record Store Day (myself included)!

Favourite ‘Ya Mama’ joke?

Special honorary mention to KMD for “Your Mother likes to visit the old churches” just for the randomness of it, but my favourite is still – “Ya Mama’s got a wooden leg with a kick-stand” – Genius!

Keep up to scratch with all of Mr Thing’s various activities, including live sets, tours, and The Funhouse live-stream here.

Words: Alice Price-Styles.