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When I First Heard Bizarre Ride : Rob Swift

A true underground classic, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is an album beloved by many. In honor of the 20th anniversary, Delicious Vinyl question various respected figures in the music industry and beyond about their experiences and feelings towards the Pharcyde…

First up we have the turntablist extraordinaire Rob Swift of the legendary X-Ecutioners crew, and ESPN’s first resident DJ on the late-night sports show UNITE, sharing his experiences:

‘When I first heard –The Pharcyde– I was in…’?

The first time I heard Pharcyde was in my living room watching the video for “Passin’ Me By” on Music Video Box.

Favourite Pharcyde song?

Passin’ Me By” because it reminds me of teenage crushes I had. Whenever I hear it I think of every girl that passed me by in High School.

Is there a Pharcyde song you like to scratch up?
No, I rather just vibe out to Pharcyde.

Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde’s DNA is dense and jazz-fuelled – what do you think makes a good use of sampling?
I think it’s all about the way you layer the samples you use. The best beats are the ones that take a variety of samples and make them sound like one.

Favourite ‘Ya Mama’ joke?
Ya mama’s so fat she needs a hula hoop to keep her pants up!

Keep up to date on Swift’s activities, including worldwide tours, his resident DJ gig on ESPN’s UNITE, this years ‘Roc for Raida’, his ‘Dope on Plastic’ radio show, and classical fusion album ‘The Architect’ here:

Words: Alice Price-Styles.