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Bizarre Ride Live Winter 2013 World Tour Dates

The Bizarre Ride Across America
01.25.2013: The Shrine – Chicago, IL
01.27.2013: Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH
01.29.2013: Higher Ground – Burlington, VT
01.30.2013: The Middle East – Boston, MA
01.31.2013: SOB’s – New York, NY
02.02.2013: The Howard Theater – Washington, D.C.

The Bizarre Ride To Europe:
02.06.2013: 02 Academy – Bristol, UK
02.07.2013: Jazz Cafe – London, UK
02.08.2013: Sound Control – Manchester, UK
02.09.2013: Stylus – Leeds, UK
02.11.2013: Backstage Halle – Munich, Germany
02.12.2013: Sommercasino – Basel, Switzerland
02.13.2013: Albani Music Club – Winterthur, Switzerland
02.14.2013: Essigfabrik – Cologne, Germany
02.15.2013: Batschkap – Frankfurt, Germany
02.16.2013: Kiff – Aarau, Switzerland
02.17.2013: Festsaal Kreuzberg – Berlin, Germany
02.18.2013: Zwischenbau – Rostock, Germany
02.19.2013: Conne Island – Leipzig, Germany
02.21.2013: Willemeen – Arnhem, Holland
02.22.2013: Untergrund – Bochum, Germany
02.23.2013: Kufa – Lyss, Switzerland
02.24.2013: Flex – Austria, Vienna

Bizarre Ride II Europe DJ Competition

In February 2013 Bizarre Ride Live will be hitting European shores, touching down in Germany, Switzerland, Austria and the UK, to continue celebrations for the twentieth anniversary of Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde.

To offer fans of the classic hip hop album a unique opportunity to warm up for Bizarre Ride Live on one of their european tour dates, Delicious Vinyl have teamed up with Mixcloud to launch the ‘Bizarre Ride II Europe DJ Competition’.

Entrants will need to upload a thirty minute mix to Mixcloud, and the entry that best captures the spirit of Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde will win the chance to meet and play alongside Bizarre Ride Live.  For full details on the competition guidelines and how to enter, check out the Bizarre Ride II Europe Competition page on Mixcloud now!

Bizarre Ride Live To Perform In Vancouver, BC Nov. 18th

Bizarre Ride Live heads up north to Canada for a performance in Vancouver, BC on Sunday, Nov. 18th. Former members of The Pharcyde SlimKid3 and Fatlip, along with Pharcyde producers J-Sw!ft and L.A. Jay (plus special guests) will take the stage at Venue (881 Granville St.) for a set that includes The Pharcyde’s debut LP Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde in its entirety. Tickets are on sale now. Click here to purchase yours.


Bizarre Ride Live To Headline Eagle Rock Music Festival

Eagle Rock Music Festival,going down on Saturday, Oct. 6th at the Eagle Rock Center For The Arts. SlimKid3, Fatlip, J-Sw!ft & L.A. Jay will be headlining the Dublab stage, performing The Pharcyde’s debut LP Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde in its entirety. This event is open to all ages. The cost of admission is a $10 donation to the Eagle Rock Center For The Arts, and can be paid in advance here.

The Eagle Rock Music Festival is a nationally noted community street festival showcasing a variety of innovative, multicultural and local music every October since 1998. The festival hosts Los Angeles based acts at a various locations along its “main street”, Colorado Boulevard, in the progressive and multigenerational Eagle Rock neighborhood. It is designed to celebrate Eagle Rock and support local business, community and culture. The all-ages festival has set itself apart by showing a commitment to booking emerging artists who live and work in the community.

Recognized for fostering a unifying community atmosphere while maintaining a commitment to groundbreaking music the Eagle Rock Music Festival is a local event with citywide appeal.

Over 70 bands & DJ’s, 11 Unique Stages, Food Trucks, Local Eagle Rock Businesses, Arts & Crafts and more!

Future Roots/ Global  
4pm: dublab dj
4:45pm: Contact Field Orchestra
5:30pm: dublab dj
6pm: VUM
6:45pm: Slayron of Peaking Lights (DJ Set)
7:15pm: High Places
8pm: dublab dj
8:45pm: Part Time Punks presents Rough Trade All-Stars (live)
9:30pm: Daedelus (DJ Set)
10pm: Delicious Vinyl will be presenting…Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde Live.
The full album will be performed from start to finish, featuring
Fatlip, Slimkid3 (formerly of The Pharcyde), J.Sw!ft, L.A. Jay &
special guests.

Camilo’s Bistro
1840 W Colorado Blvd
7-10pm: Dan Olivo & his Jazz Combo

Family Stage
2:30pm: Apple Brains
3:30pm: Ellen and Matt
4:30pm: Bloom School of Music Rock Band
5:30pm: NINE
6:30pm: Ukulele Orchestra of the Western Hemisphere
7:30pm: Glen Iris

LA Filipino American Church

4:00pm:  Fabiano Do Nascimento Group (Brazilian)
5:30pm: Little Faith (Roots, Gospel)
7:00pm: Anenon + Andres Renteria
8:30pm:  SASSAS soundshoppe (Experimental)

Emerging Stage
Indie / Rock / Local
Presented by KOXY Radio
In conjunction with FYF Fest and LA Record
3pm: Crimekillz
4pm: Fleeting Heart
5pm: Jared James Nichols
6pm: Vinyl Williams
7pm: So Many Wizards
8pm: Tijuana Panthers
9pm: Imperial Teen
10pm: Very Special Surprise Guest

International / Global Bass
4pm- ERHS Latin Jazz Ensemble
6pm: Buyepongo
7:10pm:  Las Cafeteras
8:20pm: The Boogaloo Assassins
9:20pm: Subsuelo
*Subsuelo (DJ between acts)

Stones Throw Stage
International / Funk / Soul / Hip Hop
3pm: Coleman (Mochilla)
4pm: Dub Club Sound System
4:45pm: The Lions
5:30pm: Vex Ruffin
6:00pm: Special Guest (Brainfeeder)
6:45pm: Jonwayne & Friends
7:15pm: Chrome Canyon
8:00pm: J-Rocc
9:00pm: Special Surprise Guest
9:45-10:55: Peanut Butter Wolf
* Hosted by Black Shakespeare of The Lions/INI Soundsystem

Women’s 20th Century Club
Folk / Roots / Americana
5:30pm: Leftover Cuties
6:45pm: Sadie and the Blue Eyed Devils
8:00pm: The Record Company
9:15pm: Triple Chicken Foot (square dance)

Jazz/Blues/Soul/Singer Songwriter
5:00pm: Jenny Luna and Moondogs
6:20pm: Tawny Ellis
7:40pm: Pilgrim
9:00pm: Curve Line Quintet

6:30pm: Santoros
7:45pm: Stephan Sowan
9:00pm: Duniven

The Ship Studios Stage
Indie / Rock / Local
3:30pm: Cigarette Bums
4:30pm: Dream Homes
5:30pm: Bloody Death Skull
6:30pm: Karmic
7:30pm: Wrightwood
8:30pm: Low Flying Owls
10:00pm: Henry Clay People

Kingsize Soundlabs Stage
Indie / Rock / Local
4pm: Captions
5pm: Buck Shot Bill
6pm: Extra
7pm: Beat Club
8pm: Terraplane Sun
9pm: Robert Schwartzman & Friends




‘When I First Heard Bizarre Ride’ : DJ Induce

A true underground classic, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is an album beloved by many. In honor of the 20th anniversary, Delicious Vinyl question various respected figures in the music industry and beyond about their experiences and feelings towards the Pharcyde…

This time we have Miami’s own crate-digging producer and DJ Induce talking to Delicious Vinyl about all things Pharcyde: songs he likes to play, the first time he heard them, and worldwide love for the band…

‘When I first heard –The Pharcyde– I was in…’?

My friend’s car, probably on the way to school. We were the only kids driving to school in like 8th grade because my friend was Brazilian and had been held back a couple of years. We would show up to middle school in a Land Cruiser bumping “4 Better or 4 Worse“, and I specifically remember our favorite nasty line which I will not repeat here.

Favorite Pharcyde song?

Pandemonium” from the Street Fighter Soundtrack. Well, maybe that’s second to the “Runnin’ (Jay Dee Remix)“. I first heard that remix on the University of Miami station when it came out. Needless to say I think it’s one of Jay Dee’s best and I could listen to it over and over ad nauseam.

Any particular Pharcyde song you like to include in your mixes or DJ sets?

That Jay Dee “Runnin'” Remix.          

Is there love for the Pharcyde in Miami?

The Pharcyde gets love all over the world…

Favourite ‘Ya Mama’ joke?

I only know a total of 2 jokes, but my favorite line from the song is: “Ya Mama got snakeskin teeth” – I love that shit!

Check out more from Induce and The Wonderful Sound here.

Words: Alice Price-Styles.

‘When I First Heard Bizarre Ride’ : Chris Read, WhoSampled

A true underground classic, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is an album beloved by many. In honour of the 20th anniversary, Delicious Vinyl question various respected figures in the music industry and beyond about their experiences and feelings towards the Pharcyde…

Next up we have Chris Read from the online music database Who Sampled speaking out about Bizarre Ride. The London DJ and BBE artist shares his personal Pharcyde memories, and as the content and community manager of Who Sampled, breaks down the intricacies of the albums DNA:

‘When I first heard –The Pharcyde– I was in…’? 

…a friend’s car I think. I would have been about 15/16 years old. I was a skateboarder as a kid, so we were always swapping cassettes and listening to them in our friends’ cars on the way to places to skate.

Favourite Pharcyde song and why?

I think it must be the “Passin’ Me By (Fly As Pie remix by L.A. Jay)” with the Roy Ayers sample. I had a cassette single which got listened to death. I remember pulling it out of a box of old tapes and listening to it on my portable stereo, on the first day in my college room the day I moved out of home.

Favourite sample used in Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde

I think it has to be the combination of samples and references in ‘Officer’. The use of the Ramsey Lewis hook and the lyrical references to Public Enemy’s ‘Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos’ are just a great combination that combines comedy with deft sample mining.

Is there a sample in Bizarre Ride that you found surprising at all? 

The Jimi Hendrix sample in the original version of “Passin’ Me By” was a bit of a surprise for me. You’d expect a sample like that to give the track a rocky feel but the part they used and the way they used it just adds a great texture to a mix of other sample sources.

Best song that has sampled The Pharcyde?  

There are two tracks that I particularly like that have sampled or referenced the Pharcyde. The first is Kero One’s ‘The Cycle Repeats’ which uses a small vocal sample from ‘Passin’ Me By’ scratched on the hook. It’s not particularly notable as a result of the way the sample is used, but it’s classic hip-hop methodology in quite a modern setting. My second choice is ‘Clin D’Oeil’ by Jazz Liberatorz, a fantastic jazz / soul band and production outfit from France. In this case the reference is not a sample but a subtle interpolation of the hook from Pharcyde’s “Bull****” played on Rhodes Piano. A great track.

What do you feel makes a good use of sampling? 

In terms of Pharcyde tracks? I would say Dilla’s use of Suadade Vem Correndo on “Runnin’”. It’s not that the sample was flipped in a particularly adventurous way, but the fact that people were rarely sampling that style of music at the time and the way he just grabbed that hook from somewhere deep in the track, you know he must have listened through a lot of music to arrive at that choice … and it still rocks a club more than 15 years later.

Favourite ‘Ya Mama’ joke? 

I can barely hear that phrase without singing to myself about glass eyes and fish. “Ya Mama’s got a glass eye with a fish in it.” Maybe not the funniest but it’s a hook that’s stood the test of time.

Check out the WhoSampled site here and Chris Read’s own projects at Music of Substance

Words: Alice Price-Styles.

When I First Heard Bizarre Ride : Kidkanevil

A true underground classic, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is an album beloved by many. In honour of the 20th anniversary, Delicious Vinyl question various respected figures in the music industry and beyond about their experiences and feelings towards the Pharcyde…

Next up, we have the dope UK producer and First Word Records artist Kidkanevil chatting about his own Pharcyde memories and preferences:

‘When I first heard –The Pharcyde– I was in…’?

Damn, school I guess! “Ya Mama” sparked a fair amount of school yard giggles if I remember correctly.

Favourite Pharcyde song?

That’s a super hard choice, but I think I’ll go with “Splattorium.” Labcabincalifornia was one of the first albums to really draw my attention to Jay Dee, and this lil’ ditty was so beautiful. I would stick it on repeat alllll day. A lot of hip-hop at the time was pretty aggressive, kind of following the Wu Tang template, and this was so vibey and spaced out in comparison. Amazing.

What would happen if Negro Kanevil (J-Sw!ft’s alter-ego) and Kidkanevil were put in the same studio??

Haha, I dunno! Hopefully some dope shit. And maybe a few accidents.

Favourite ‘Ya Mama’ joke?

I like the ad-libs at the end: “Ya mama’s so fat you can’t even see her legs/ it just looks like she’s just gliding across the floor…”

Keep up to date with the world of Kidkanevil – all the music, tours, and more – here.

Words: Alice Price-Styles.

When I First Heard Bizarre Ride : Andre Torres

A true underground classic, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is an album beloved by many. In honour of the 20th anniversary, Delicious Vinyl question various respected figures in the music industry and beyond about their experiences and feelings towards the Pharcyde…


This time around we have the founder of Wax Poetics, Andre Torres, reflecting on his own encounters with Bizarre Ride and The Pharcyde. Here’s what the man who created a cult-status publication by shining a light onto all the stories behind your favourite records has to say:

‘When I first heard –The Pharcyde– I was in…’?


Favourite Pharcyde song?

Return of The B-Boy” because it was how I became aware of Madhouse – which was a complete revelation for me.

What do you make of the production on Bizarre Ride?

J-Sw!ft was dope. A young cat coming out of the West who knew his beats and the tradition of NY hip-hop but had his own bugged out Cali take on it.

Favourite ‘Ya Mama’ joke?

Ya mama’s so old her breasts only make powdered milk.

Gross! You can check out the finest music magazine there is, here:

Words: Alice Price-Styles.

When I First Heard Bizarre Ride : Mr Thing

A true underground classic, Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde is an album beloved by many. In honor of the 20th anniversary, Delicious Vinyl question various respected figures in the music industry and beyond about their experiences and feelings towards the Pharcyde…

Sounding out all the way from the UK we have the original Scratch Perverts member, London’s very own beloved DJ Mr Thing sharing his Pharcyde tastes and memories:

‘When I first heard –The Pharcyde– I was in…’?

When I first heard The Pharcyde I was in a Westwood jam in Vauxhall, just as “Ya Mama” came out. DJ Biznizz played it when he was opening up for him and I pretty much went and tracked it down as soon as I could!

Favourite Pharcyde song?

Hard for me to choose between “Runnin’‘” and “4 Better or 4 Worse”, I played both of those to death in my car at the time. “Runnin’” I put on a very early mix-tape I did and even copied the Run-DMC cuts on that mix, then “4 Better or 4 Worse” because it’s one of my favourite breaks ever (“Blind Alley”) with some absolutely brilliant Fender Rhodes on it. I swore it was a sample for the longest time, but was recently informed it was played! I love the whole vibe of both tunes, so it’s tough to call it…

Is there a Pharcyde song you like to scratch up? Ever used a Pharcyde song or skit in one of your routines??

Since the Visioneers did their cover of “Runnin’” I made up a scratch routine using the Run-DMC Rock Box cut and then blended in the original Pharcyde version into the chorus, it works really nicely. I’ve done it at the J Dilla tribute nights here a few times, plus I’ve got all the records on 45s too so been doing it in those sets as well!

Would you say there is love for The Pharcyde in London and the U.K.??

Most definitely. The records always get a good response in DJ sets, and I think most serious collectors here went a bit crazy for the 7″ box-set that came out for Record Store Day (myself included)!

Favourite ‘Ya Mama’ joke?

Special honorary mention to KMD for “Your Mother likes to visit the old churches” just for the randomness of it, but my favourite is still – “Ya Mama’s got a wooden leg with a kick-stand” – Genius!

Keep up to scratch with all of Mr Thing’s various activities, including live sets, tours, and The Funhouse live-stream here.

Words: Alice Price-Styles.